VIDEO 1: False beliefs and succeeding against all odds

VIDEO 2: Keys to getting started the right way

VIDEO 3: What to do in the first 21 days

What to do in the first 21 days

Starts May 1st

Lose Weight With A Full Plate: Chef AJ has been running 3-week in person programs for 8 years. And for the first time she's releasing it online - just for this community.

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28 thoughts on “Action Series – Day 3”

  1. Michelle Jones

    Loved this and all very helpful. I would like to know more about ordering at restaurants. I have asked for no cheese and occasionally asked if something could be cooked without oil but are there other options or things to ask about? Thanks !

    1. I have learned to order just baked potatoes and steamed vegetables. Generally restaurants can do steamed vegetable and have salads without dressing. I use lemons and vinegar for my salad dressing as well as hot sauce and pepper. Some restaurants have great salads. There was one restaurant that had lettuce, beans, corn, tomatoes, avocado, carrots and salsa. I asked for some corn tortillas and it was a great meal. I usually eat some bread as well but without anything. I squeeze lemons on the bread and dip it in vinegar.

      1. I have also found that when ordering steamed veggies off the menu you STILL have to specify plain with no butter!!! They steam them then add butter after!

    2. Ask if the baked potatoes are rubbed with oil, if pasta contains any milk or eggs. I normally have a small container of my fav homemade salad dressing. If there’s “extras” on the salad, ask if any of them, e.g. corn, have oil on them. Make sure that they realize that ‘no butter’ also includes ‘no margarine’. I watch for my triggers which are oil & flour more than salt & sugar. Yours may be different.

  2. Jocelyn E Graef

    I love how Chef AJ explains the act of self love as being part of healthy change. Too often the concept of self love is given as an *option* to healthy choices. (As in, wooo-hooo, I love myself so much I’m going to eat three pieces of cake for a snack!) I’ve often been confused by this idea out there that self-love is embracing your fat along with the rest of you, as if it’s an excuse for continued harmful choices. Thank you, Chef AJ!

  3. tom desjarlais

    I am celebrating tonight. This week l have gotten off my blood pressure meds. Previously l got off cholesterol and diabetic meds.Today l finished a 1hr and 15 minutes spin class I am 67. Tonight l am going out for a special Singaporean dinner

  4. I don’t need to lose weight, but do love being healthy that eating veggies and fruits allows. Feels so good! I don’t prep, but do make extra portions when I cook.

  5. What are names of companies that cook healthy foods and deliver to the home? I have a friend having shoulder surgery and won’t be able to cook for several weeks. He could use some help. Thanks for the recommendations.

    1. Forks over Knives
      Plant Pure Nation
      Send food that is great. Look up on their websites

  6. Chef AJ, please give some time in your information to those who want to be healthy but don’t need to lose any weight. I appreciated your replies to the haters who accused you of being too thin. My husband has this attitude towards me, but I just want to be as healthy as possible since I am a cancer survivor.

  7. I love the way you continually talk about this being a lifestyle. I am so tired of all the “diets” out there that are not really something you want to do for the rest of your life because it costs so much or it takes out things that are important. I signed up for your 21 day class even though I had to put it on a credit card. I need this badly and I need to do it right. I have been working on it since Jon McMahon’s summit but I find it hard to get things cooked up that i like. And your info about why not to use liquid meals is wonderful. Can’t wait for the class to start.

  8. Just signed up for the 21-day class, I am so excited because I feel I need to step it up from where I am now, and I need a program to help me stick to my goals. I am a plant-based eater for eight years, and although not overweight, I have plateau-ed and would like to eat closer to the way chef AJ eats in the hope to lose seven more pounds and get my blood pressure better under control. Can’t wait to start!

  9. I am heartbroken that I will not be abke to take advantage of the summit!!!
    I had back injury in July, 2016 and no longer able to work. Only have bare minimum of social security income, which leaves me nothing for anything but bare necessities. Would not hesitate to take this awesome course if I could.??

      1. Hi, Martha
        It is so wonderful of you to step right up to offer to pay for Marsha. It strikes me that this is exactly what Chef AJ has in mind as far as building a loving community goes. I’m so happy for you, Marsha. And I’m happy to “meet” both of you here.
        All the best,

  10. Dear Chef AJ,

    I have been on such a long food journey and have come full circle with your program. From Susan Powter’s low fat, whole foods vegetarian program to going totally vegan, then to raw food vegan, to a high fat, grain free vegetarian, to juice fasting…I realize after all this, that the only sustainable weight loss I have ever experienced (I maintained ideal weight for 4 years) was through the type of program you are teaching. But my mistake before was going completely fat free/oil free for too long to the point that my liver started saving fats because I needed that fat for bodily functions. A fatty liver is NO FUN, believe me!

    I have been enjoying your diet for 2 months now and the way I have been feeling, but am curious how you (who have been on this lifestyle so long) incorporate fats into your diet. Right now I have plenty on my body, lol! But when I achieve my goal weight, then how much healthy fat (and in what form) do you recommend?

    Thanks for your wonderful work and positive, practical help!


    1. This is a great question. I have learned that I do not need to re introduce fats back into my meal plans. I do enjoy an avocado every few days and I also enjoy a tablespoon of tahini on a salad once a day. Both those foods are all natural and contain “fat”. Oils are an ingredient I have not introduced back into my diet.

  11. I need super easy menu for people that work 10-12 hours in their car each day (3 meals & in very hot desert climate).
    Please! Please! Please!

  12. I will be traveling during half of the 21 days and attending a conference, with conference food (ugh). Will I be able to pick up with your program when I get back even though the 21 days will be over?

  13. I would love to do this but at this time I can not participate. Will you be offering this 21 day plan again in the future?

  14. I would like to participate but I”m going to Europe June 3rd for two months. Can I still be successful?

    1. Yes you can. Check out It lists vegan/vegetarian friendly stores and restaurants you can also google the area a head and see if there ia anything vegan friendly.

  15. What an outstanding human being you are Chef AJ.
    I adore your integrity and feel safe being a student who both needs and wants to be here.
    Thank you, thank you, thank you.

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