VIDEO 1: False beliefs and succeeding against all odds

VIDEO 2: Keys to getting started the right way


VIDEO 3: What to do in the first 21 days

Keys to getting started the right way

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In this video Chef AJ highlights some of the biggest pitfalls you have to avoid and key factors that have helped her and her clients the most.

Starts May 1st

Lose Weight With A Full Plate: Chef AJ has been running 3-week in person programs for 8 years. And for the first time she's releasing it online - just for this community.

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26 thoughts on “Action Series – Day 2”

  1. Elizabeth Knight

    Thanks for the reminder about “the Why that makes you cry”. Day to day it’s so easy to get distracted and let the plan slip here and there. Keeping the Why at the front of my mind helps me make the right decision and motivates me to, like AJ says, keep the good food handy, always be prepared!

  2. “Eating fruits and vegetables is extreme” is a common thing we joke about when describing people who seem to be more willing to get cut open in order to resolve health issues. But… there’s more to this than meets the eye, I believe. After all, what is so endearing about the statement “Eat more fruits and vegetables!” What is the draw, there? Picture “eat more fruits and vegetables” – the bored person eating dry sticks of celery and carrots, or facing yet another apple. What’s to love about that picture? Nothing, really. When high-fat diet proponents talk about their deadly way of eating, they start in about bacon. We can all remember at least the tantalizing smell of bacon, right in that moment. THAT is the draw for the high-fat diet.
    So we need to come up with a better, more tantalizing method of encouraging “more fruits and vegetables” because by itself, it’s ho-hum, unsustainable, super boring, and doesn’t even conjure up a good smell! What about “eat more mashed potatoes and gravy!” “Eat more lasagna!” “Eat more chili over rice!” These foods all smell wonderful, have visual appeal in our minds, and we can actually get hungry thinking about them, and … actually promise as soon as we get home, that’s what we’re making for supper tonight.

  3. My reason why is the fact I am single mom to a 9 yr old son who is full of energy and I need to keep up with him. I was dx with MS in 2012 weighing almost 400 lbs and bedridden. In 2013 I began the process for weight loss surgery and in 2014 I had it done. I still struggle to maintain a healthier weight and my eating has improved but still could be better. My son has a small weight issue too it scares me. So I fight this battle against obesity and MS for life.

    1. Check out books by Joel Furhman, who says that autoimmune diseases can be helped by a WFPB diet with the stress on veggies.

  4. As part of her training in PA school my daughter had a class in nutrition. As a result of that class my daughter decided to adopt a plant based diet and invited me along for the ride. We had both done very well. However it wasn’t until I watched your summit and gave up diary(something that I fought living in a diary state and loving diary) that the pounds really started to fly off and I feel my inflammation has decrease. My eldest son calls my daughter and I ‘Veggie Straws’ it’s a badge we wear proudly.

  5. AJ your delivery of video 2 was as always heartfelt, enthusiastic and encouraging and assisted me with remembering my why with the motivational points you covered. These videos provide good closure to the summit . Thank you?

  6. Ha ha ha!!!! “Cake from he garbage can”! Yes, that is a thing! I have done it!!!!!! And, I once went to Jenny Craig because I was fed up and wanted to lose a few pounds. The counselor asked what kinds of foods I had been eating. I said, “Yesterday, I had a cake.” She said, “You mean a piece or two, right?” I said, “Nope! The whole dang thing!” The heck with chocolate….I am absolutely positively a sugar addict. Getting rid of sweet stuff from my diet (like Jelly Belly jelly beans!) really works. It’s just one of those things that I now know I can’t just have a little of. If I have a taste, I have to have it ALL!

    1. I ate a whole pot of homemade vegetable soup because it was so good. I developed acid reflux and a hiatal hernia for the first time in my life. Turns out you can’t be a glutton even with healthy foods, LOL. The acid reflux went away after 3 months of eating small healthy meals.

      1. what did you do with your hiatal hernia, as this is what i have as well. did you have an operation at all. interested.

  7. Thank you so much for these follow-ups. YOU have become my support and community too. I have tried soooo many ways to lose weight and you are right, none of them were sustainable. I am working hard at making sure that my house is filled with the right foods and have known that if I didn’t prep it in advance or have the right foods available, I was more likely to fail. And I love the catch phrases “You can lose weight with a full plate”. I was always hungry on previous diets and could not understand why. And I understood that not all calories are not the same…but the explanation of calorie density now has really hit home. Thank you for all the work you are doing. It is changing my life tremendously.

  8. Knowing the why is so important. It reminded me of something I think it was Rip Esselstyn said that no one cares about your health as much as you, and that you will be the one alone in your hospital bed dealing with poor health if you don’t care enough to eat right now. That was a strong visual.

  9. I was going to write that I have done it by myself because my husband and my friends all still eat meat, diary and eggs but then I thought about who helped me along the way and I realized I got lot’s of support and help from you, Chef AJ, John & Mary McDougal, Ann, Jane, Rip and Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn, Dr, Lisle, Dr. Goldhamer, Dr. Neal Barnard, Dr. T. Colin Campbell, Dr. Joel Furhman, John McMann, all the folks at Forks over Knives, Dr. Dean Ornish and all the wonderful videos I’ve watched on the internet during my journey. I couldn’t have done it without all their words of wisdom, advice, inspiration and motivation I have received. I feel a bit sad when I watch my friends stuff them selves with meat at every meal but nothing I do or say can convince them to eat differently.

  10. This is one of my very favorite Chef AJ videos to date—you hit SO many points in a very concise, easy to listen to, packed-with-information manner. I’ll be listening to this again! 🙂

  11. I really understood what you were saying about setting ones self up for success. Later this afternoon I was hungry and looked in the pantry for crackers -saltine crackers. As I was eating them it dawned on me that these were not really what would nourish my body. Need to clean out the ’stuff’ that doesn’t really do my body good. Also need to have healthy foods ready to eat when I do get hungry..
    My husband does not eat the way I do so when he brings all his sweets in he puts them in a lock box and it is not visible so there is no craving. It was what I was bringing into our home that was deterring me from getting what I truly want and that is good health.
    Tonight is cleanout night.
    Thanks so much.

  12. For my hard of hearing friends, here is most of what Chef AJ said:

    Chef AJ video 2
    Keys to Getting Started the Right Way

    It doesn’t work to combine your old diet with your new way of eating. You need to eat more when doing Whole Foods plant exclusive, there are less calories(other than peanut butter). You will get hungry if you don’t eat a large volume of food. You need enough calories.

    Have some support. Many find online groups helpful or an accountability partner. We are social creatures. We drive different cars so it is okay to eat differently from your friends. Lead by example and be the change. It doesn’t matter if others don’t do it. Find one or more people that can support you, but don’t use that as an excuse if you can’t. Look for online support. Having someone to walk with helps.

    Clean up your environment. Keep bad foods out of the house or even on a separate shelf if you live with others eating differently. Have food ready to eat. Chef AJ does batch cooking. (I don’t, I just make extra servings and freeze). Always have healthy food ready.

    Dr. Lisle is one of her mentors. She got a buddy to exercise. That worked since she didn’t want to let her friend down. Her husband was also helpful. If you don’t have that, support is available online.

    Why do you want to go whole food plant exclusive? To reverse a health condition? Be there for your family? Those are good reasons. So is to avoid medical treatment. However, not just to look better at a reunion. That is not strong enough reason since you might go back after the event. Eating produce is easier than open heart surgery.

    No excuses!

    1. j’ai déjà posté ce message dans les commentaires de la vidéo 1 je vous dis mille merci pour cette transcription de la vidéo 2 merci merci merci
      merci beaucoup beaucoup je ne suis pas sourde mais je ne comprends pas l’anglais parlé : les vidéos viméo n’ont pas de sous titres donc pas de traductions possibles avec les logiciels de mon ordinateur …..
      je parle le Français j’ai 73 ans je m’accroche au régime du dr Dougall et AJ avec des symptômes de scléroses en plaques presque stabilisés
      pourriez vous résumer les prochaines vidéos ?merci beaucoup beaucoup beaucoup

  13. I’ve been WFPB for over ten years and I wholeheartedly agree with you, AJ, about having food at the ready. When I’m hungry, there’s always something to eat whether it’s a salad or leftover soup (I just finished a bowl of soup for an afternoon snack), so I don’t have to go rooting around the cupboards looking for something to catch my eye. After my husband had quadruple by-pass surgery last year, his surgeon told him he’d better switch to a plant-based diet, and he has, for the most part. It’s nice not having cookies, ice cream, crackers, etc. in the house anymore because now he can’t just reach for one of those things when he gets hungry. :0)

  14. I really appreciate this summit and the wonderful talks that inspire me!! This was a great video too! I am getting together in two days with six siblings (aged 53 to 63) and showing Disc 2 of the DVDs, cooking for them from your recipe book about weight loss, and trying to inspire at least one of them to go all in and do this with me. They all have medical problems and are overweight. I have lost 8 lbs in the past 6 weeks and am going strong! Dropped my thyroid dose and looking forward to lowering my blood lipid panel! My husband doesn’t support me but I made him hide the pistachios. I batch cook like AJ which helps me always have something to eat. Thank you, thank you, thank you AJ for this incredible gift. I hope I can establish a community of support at home, but if not I will continue to rely on all of you as my community of wonderful, health affirming friends.

  15. I’m recovering from a eating disorder of aneroxia nervosa.
    I want to learn how to eat healthy so I can reach an healthy weight.
    Chef AJ your recipes, videos and your suggestions are all so helpful.
    Thank you so much for sharing your experience, strength and hope with me.

  16. This has really motivated me to start journaling. Day 1 will be about my why. I actually have several whys and I need to keep reminding myself of them. Thanks, Guys!

  17. Hello, i was wondering if it is possible to subscribe and not start in May 6th. As for muslim people, we will be fasting for a month… I’m not sure I will be able to do it for 21 days during fasting time. Thanks for your insight and sharing your life experience.

  18. I’d like more info on Chef AJ’s new program starting May 1 but the link doesn’t appear to work. ?

  19. I’m learning how to batch cook from my daughter,even oatmeal. I bought 9 lbs of fresh green beans for $6.00. Cheap! I also bought 6lbs of Brocolli florets for $4.00 and roast them. I purchased some large sweet potatoes 1 bag foe $200. I’m still enjoying them. I’m learning slowly about the plant based diet. I gave lost 60 lbs on my own,just by not eating anything white. And my whole life was like that for over 7 years. I just gain 20 lbs because I’m on a rejection drug. I don’t like it! But I need it for my lungs.( non smoker) just caught double pneumonia that’s called ( Boop). 1. Lung was viral and the other Lung were Bacterial. I caught this in 3/2016 and was no. 7 in the USA to get it. The high doses of Prednisone was the culprit. They give you 3 years to live after,because the aveoli is directly distroyed. I’m back to plant base and batch cooking using whole grains pasta, not much meat at all. I’m not a red meat eater. I like to back chicken, and I drink Ginger root tea with Tumeric and beets. Great drink for high oxidation. It good cold or hot,use honey,not sugar or flour. I cheat once in a while. But so far so good AJ . I found AJ on Facebook and been with her since.

  20. peut on activer les sous titres de la vidéo viméo ,?
    j’habite en France pour comprendre le message je dois passer par les sous titres et la traduction .
    j’ai remercié Heidi qui a transcrit le résumé de la vidéo pour Joanne qui est mal entendante
    je vous remercie d’avance je veux vraiment profiter des 21 jours ….21 vidéos
    serait il possible d’avoir les transcriptions des vidéos et des messages audios ?
    merci merci merci merci merci merci merci

  21. I am so glad to know you.l just want to say thank you so much for work so hard on my case.l really appreciate this summit.l need your help. I vegetarian 30 year and cook every day.Your recipes, videos are so helpful.You are excelent at what you do. God bless you and your family.

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